Ubuntu Leadership offers engaging, bespoke coaching for both corporate clients and

Corporate clients:
1) Developing the leaders of tomorrow: The Ubuntu methodology recognises that the
qualities of being a leader can and should be inherent within members of your team,
regardless of their role and age. We work with a cohort of young professionals,
nominated by your business, who are new to management roles on developing the
skills necessary to be an inspiring and inclusive leader.

2) Wellbeing: In these challenging times, taking care of the mental health and wellbeing
of your teams has probably never felt more important. We will work with your
business to impart the skills necessary to identify and support those most in need
and provide practical learning around personal self care.

Ubuntu coaches individuals on a range of topics. Coaching is one of the most impactful
development techniques and can be hugely effective in bringing about personal change and
navigating your aspirations and goals. Ubuntu works 1-2-1 with clients on personal
leadership skills and career change by stimulating their thinking in order to work through a
particular challenge and help them achieve their full potential. In response to the changing
world we live in we offer dedicated time and support to individuals looking to diversify their
career direction and deepen their understanding of where their skills can be deployed across
different industries.

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