Cups of Tea

Last week was a tough one for me, putting myself out there and sharing my thoughts, learnings and ideas doesn't always come easy. Self doubt creeps in and I end up sat there thinking, what are they thinking right now? What if I'm waffling on and noone is listening. What if, what if, what if...

Could be the case. Life is very much like that sometimes. Isn't it? We try so hard to reach people, look out for signs that what we are doing is valued or even just makes sense to other people.

But people's likes and dislikes are so different. How can you possibly think that what you do or have to offer can resonate with everyone? It's not possible. You can't control what people think or feel about you. All you can really control is YOU.

When we focus too much on the outcome. We can get our knickers in a twist, our message ends up mixed up, our flow goes out the window and the panic and anxiety set in.

Simplify your intention. Whether it's a new business idea or you're preparing to give a presentation. Think about... What is the essence of what you are trying to achieve? What's your message? Keep it to one sentence. "I intend to....."

Mine is really simple. "I intend to speak from the heart" . That's it, so whenever I present or run a workshop or I'm figuring out the branding for my business (which by the way I am still working on) that's all I focus on. If I can walk away knowing that I have been honest, authentic and kind. My job is done.

That's all I can do. If I can help just one person realise how phenomenal they really are, or inspire just one person to follow their dreams... then my job is done. If the other 199 people fall asleep or scroll past my website. That's okay.

I will never be everyone's cup of tea and neither can you. And that's perfectly okay.

Some will find value in what you share, some will think it's a complete load of nonsense. Both are right. For some you rock or others you don't. That's life...

Discover. Embrace. Be YOU!

Get Curious

Talja xx

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