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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a philosophy that is rooted in the history of Africa and is also found in many indigenous cultures of Southern Africa. The word Ubuntu ( pronounced OO-Boon-Too) is loosely translated to mean “humanity” and the intrinsic message in this philosophy is 'I am only because You are'


In a Leadership context, Ubuntu's key principles are:


 A Leader with Ubuntu is courageous in both challenging the constructs of 'traditional' Leadership hierarchy and also in their honest and vulnerable approach to leadership.


A Leader with Ubuntu sees what others see and feels what others feel.


The main message within the Ubuntu philosophy is ' I am only because You are' therefore a Leader with Ubuntu knows that each member of society has a role to play in every one else's success and/or failure.

Are you ready to become an Ubuntu Leader, overcome organisational issues, and empower yourself and your team? With coaching, consulting and keynotes, I am here to help you achieve more than ever before.


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
-John Quincy Adams


At Ubuntu Leadership we are committed to supporting Women to take full ownership and control of their careers.


Leadership is not a title. Leadership is a mindset that can be embodied by anyone, regardless of where you may be in your career journey. 

We work with you either on an individual basis or in a group setting to help you understand and enhance your 'superpowers'. This enables you to find the best and most effective means of unlocking your potential and take control of your life and career goals



 Utilising our extensive experience in data analytics and business intelligence, we help organisations measure and monitor their D&I through every phase. Recruitment, Retention, Development and Engagement.



Do you need an inspirational and engaging speaker for your next D&I event?

With a wealth of both personal and professional experience, we have delivered a number of talks and panel events, such as:

Breaking Barriers: Women in Tech

Unconscious Bias

Women In Leadership

Transitioning into Data

Tech x Motherhood

Following the Ubuntu philosophy, our aim is to unite and not divide. We are therefore committed to creating safe and engaging environments in which to explore and learn.

What People Are Saying about Ubuntu Leadership


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"I've attended both private and group sessions hosted by Talja and they have all been positive. The sessions were fun, engaging and really well delivered. They were informative and had great content which bid you to try out new things. The sessions have helped by broadening my vision and perspective which will always be relevant and will stick in my head for a very long time.

Thank you Talja"


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